New Rice Ceremony of the Ma and Co Ho people

Time: At the same time with Tet of Viet people.

Place: B’Lao Ward, Bao Loc Town, Lam Dong Province.

Objects of worship: Giang.

Characteristics: Praying for timely rains and favourable weather and preventing wild beast from destroying fields.

The Ma and Co Ho worship the new rice to ensure their offspring are aware of the importance of the rice. The offerings for the ceremony include new sweet-smelling rice, a cock, a castrated hog and other wild animals, and a pot-bellied jar of wine that is drunk out of the jar through bamboo straws.


The festival begins with a ceremony led by a holy man to pray to the Gods, followed by a wine-throwing ceremony to pray for good luck. Finally, the participants drink wine, sing love songs, recite long poems and sing tam pot folk songs (Ma and Co Ho) accompanied by gongs. The festival lasts through the night until the next morning.



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