Lang Biang Mountain

Location: Lac Duong Town, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, about 12km north of the centre of Da Lat City.
Characteristics: The mountain is well-known for its primeval and mighty scenery and is said the rooftop of Lam Vien Plateau. The mountain has two peaks, with one with a height of 2,169m and the other 1,950m.

◊ Legend of Lang Biang Mountain

The name Lang Biang is associated with a love story that touches everyone all deeply. According to the story, K’Lang, a son of the chief of the Lat hill tribe, madly fell in love with H’biang, a daughter of the chief of the Chil hill tribe. However, it came as a tragedy that old harsh rules banned marriage between people coming from different tribes so that the two young people decided to die together to keep their love eternally. Seeing what they did, K’Zenh, Biang’s father, did regret and decided to do whatever he could to unify different hill tribes in the region, such as Lat, Chil, Sre… into one group called K’Ho. Since then, people from different tribes could love each other and get married. After the two youths died, their graves were said to grow bigger and bigger as the two peaks of the mountain appear today. The mountain range is then named after the two young people’s name as Langbiang in commemoration of their eternal love.


◊ Tourism Activities

The 1,950m peak is reached by trekking a long zigzagging path through a pine forest or driving self-supported cars. On the peak, there are a flower garden, statues of K’lang and H’biang, and souvenir shops. From here, visitors can see as far as Vang (Gold) and Bac (Silver) streams winding below and the entire Da Lat City far away.


A trip to conquer the 2,169m peak will challenge visitors physically. Visitors still take the same road to the 1,950m peak but when nearing it they will instead make a right turn into another path. The peak is reached by trekking through primeval forests in changeable weather for at least two hours and then climbing up steep mountain cliffs for two hours more.



Besides, visitors do not miss to visit many attractive sites such as Tram Nam (One hundred years) Valley, Mimosa Ground, Dankia Hill, Cu Lan Village, etc. Cu Lan Village lying in the foot of Lang Biang Mount owns the pristine beauty with traditional stilt-houses of Co Ho people nestled in the charming natural space of mountain and forest. Visiting Cu Lan Village, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities as paddling raft, taking terrain car to explore the village and primary forest, flying kite, riding horse, hunting wild chicken, catching fish... or being immersed in gong dancing with local people, etc.



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