Son My Vestige Site

Location: Son My Site is situated in Tu Cung Hamlet, Tinh Khe Commune, Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai Province.
Characteristics: The site was built in memory of the civilians who were killed during the American War. It is located on the land where the American troops cruelly massacred the local people on the morning of 16 March 1968.

Here, 504 innocent people were killed cruelly in many forms such as being shot to dead, killed by grenades, or thrown into wells. Most of them were old people, women, and children.



Crossing the entrance gate, at the end of the lane, visitors will see the main memorial with spiraling incense smoke. On its pedestal, there are the statues of victims showing their utmost pain before death. On the two sides of the entrance, there are many small statues describing various positions of the ill-fated victims. The House of Evidence lies on the left of the entrance. In the front and around the House are trimmed trees in the shape of tombs. The exhibits in the House are documents, photos, and objects which testify to the massacre such as shirts, a pair of sandal of a killed child, all kinds of cups and plates, cookers and pans holed by cartridge, and wooden bells used for reciting prayers. All of them stir deep feelings in the visitors.


Outside the House of Evidence, there is a waterway on which 170 people were killed, 24 house foundations with 24 steles dedicated to 24 families whose members were all massacred. On each stele, the name and age of the victims are listed. There are some steles scattering over the hamlets at places where massacres occurred. At My Hoi Hamlet, Co Luy Commune, there is a stele lying among luxuriant coconut trees and listing the names of 97 killed villagers in a massacre.


At the Son My Site visitors have a chance to review the evidences and think of the utmost suffering of the innocent victims of war. The Son My Site welcomes all visitors everyday, especially foreigners who are increasing in number. Many American veterans come here to confess their sin towards the ill-fated victims, or to express their sympathy towards the painful losses caused to the local population by their action. Many of them show their shame and repentance.